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    Fina Buddah Red!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey Bros, and Buddah if ya happen to read this thread too.

    I first need to know how long you would recommend running a Test Fina cycle I had this in mind
    1-4 30 mg dbol ed
    1-10 600mg test..300mg every mon & thurs
    1-16 75mg fina ed
    11-16 400mg primobolan

    How does this look?????

    Also I have heard it is not good to runn fina with deca , what if i was to run this cycle

    1-4 30mg d-bol
    1-16 600mg test
    1-10 600mg deca
    11-16 75mg fina e/d

    Is it ok to start fina after stopping deca in the same cycle?????


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    bro, i would run it differntly...if your using fina then you might as well use eq run it like this...Madmax..

    prop 100mg eod (1-4)
    test 600mg (1-10)
    eq 400mg (1-10)
    fina 75mg ed (5-13)

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    hey max...what about the theory of fina and EQ competing for the same receptors therefore weaking the value of each....just wondering.

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    Well I would go with something different.
    If you want to run the Fina a while, I would shoot for 12wks instead of 16.

    Something like this
    Wk1-4 Prop 75mgED
    Wk1-10 600mg Enan
    Wk1-12 75mg FinaED

    If using Cyp, start Fina in wk2-13

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    allabs5150 is offline Associate Member
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    thanks for the help guys, as always very helpful..........but what would any of you brothers say to runing a test / deca cycle then at week 11 stop the deca and pick up fina for say 6 or 8 weeks and continue with the test also....and maybe even throw in some primo

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    Since the deca will stay in your system for a few weeks after your last shot, you would still be overlapping the deca and the fina. I like both Madmax and pheedno's cycles, though my next cycle will look like the one Madmax has drawn out. Skip the deca and through in the EQ if you want to run the fina.


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