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    Question Liquid D-bol and deca for a 40 year old newbe

    I am going to be starting my first cycle and I don't Know how I should take the liquid d-dol with deca 300. I want to do a 6 week cycle and don't want to be too big. . Can I mix in the same needle? How much d-bol @ 25mg/ml. I'm thinking of 300mg/w of debol. In week five I am thinking of hcg for two weeks. What do you think? What are the odds of getting deca dick?I do have an anti e on hand
    Thanks for the help.

    I am 39 6'1" and about 20% body fat.
    my goal is to build some quick mass and then stop. No plans to ever compete.

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    Brp, not to sound like basically everyone here but maybe some more reading on the two items you are planning on taking. Yes you can mix them in the same needle but I personally would not take liquid dbol which I am assuming is loeffler in a needle. This may sound like bullshit but you need to drink it. Draw it out in a syringe and squirt it in your mouth. Wash it down with grapefruit juice which has been known to help a little due to its effect on certain enzymes in your stomach. I would think something along the lines of this....

    Dbol w1-4 35mg/ed
    deca w1-10 3-400mg/wk

    The reason I said above about a little reading is because at 20%bf these really aren't the best choices in my opinion and mass really shouldn't be your main priority or at least it wouldn't be mine. Hope you dont take that wrong but I am assuming you are looking to add some size and definition otherwise putting 15lbs of muscle on is useless if no one can see it.

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    I have three words for you. Test, Test, Test. At your age you will get great benefits from test and should be your base.

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