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    Damn, lost too much weight from injury for my proposed cycle. Now what??

    well due to my broken ribs i have went from 190lb to 180lb.

    my goal for my cycle was to come out at 195 and under 10%bf

    do you guys think it is possible to gain 15lb off of my cycle if i eat enough.

    week 1-8 40mg/day of var
    week 1-10 300mg/week of primo
    week 1-12 400mg/week EQ

    or should i throw a low dose of test in there
    or take something out and add test
    or leave it and rum with what i got and see what happens

    i am real sensitive to test so i am worried to use it again. the good sides and the bad sides. i get effects off of 200mg/week. i have access to all the best test out there.

    i was thinkin maybe five shots of ICN's or testex or something like that.

    any op would be great. thanks

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    bro ur trying to bulk with the wrong drugs !u will not gain 15 lbs on this yet alone have it beeing all muscle .id definately take the primo and throw in tehre 500 mg test ,(varying on cycles uve done),and run var at the end 3 weeks past the eq and test and jump start with dbol 35 mgs daily up front ,yesvar and dbol are bothe 17 alk but ull be giving some time between them ,soo ull be fine the liver detox's it self very rapidly ,besides the hepatoxicity of var is way over rated .

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