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    Feb 2003

    EQ and FINA or EQ and Winny?

    im gonna start my first cycle


    what would u guys recommend---eq and fina or eq and much would i gain off either and how much should i run for a first cycle?

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    I would suggest test with either stack...Prop is my choice in your case...But first what are your goals?

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    Fina and prop, trust me... run the eq on top of that if you want. I think eq is too light of an androgen to run with either winny or fina by themselves.

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    with 18% bf and your question on whether to run eq/winny or eq/fina i am guessing you want to put on a little bit of size, lose weight, and cut up...

    if you don't want to include test in this then i would go with winny/fina instead of throwing eq into the mix for reasons mentioned above.

    both lean me out however i gain more strength from fina...winny really hardens me more so it is a trade off...

    to concur with everyone else, i would include a short ester like prop in a cutting cycle like this to minimize bloat and really make the cycle worth everything it could be. why waste hard earned money on juice, supps and food if you can't go all out?

    if all you want to do is winny/fina run it like this:
    wk 1-8 fina 75mg/day
    wk 2-8 winny 50mg/day

    this is what i would recommend based on my assumptions on what you can get ahold of and what i think are your goals:

    1-10 eq 400mg/wk (200mg mon/thurs)
    1-13 test prop 100mg/day
    6-13 fina 75mg/day
    7-13 winny 50mg/day
    clomid 3 days after last inject

    this is a killer cycle for lean mass/cutting if diet is in check.
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    the thing is i can basically get winny eq and fina...after researching i tfigured that fina and eq qould be good becuase the eq is like a lighter version of deca ..and well fina is the shit...keep in mind this is my first cycle too..but all opinions help

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