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    Question got my stuff Help me put it togeather!

    OK I finally got my stuff. Wasnt sure what to do so this is what i ahve and need someone to help me with a stack and advice on diet would be great to. Here we go I am 26 yrs training for about 5 yrs off and on 5'9" about 180 with more b/f then i want. about 20% maybe. I would like to cut up but have been reading and lots of people are telling me to bulk on my first. Yup im a virgin. Ok as for gear this is what i have.
    QV equi 200 30ml
    QV Test-e 250 15ml
    Clomid 30 tabs@50mg ea.
    Nolvadex 8 tabs Im going broke.
    Clenbuterol 1 bottle not sure how many per bottle <---got it @good price
    Also i would like to be @200lb but i dont need to be just want to get ready for summer. have an excess of body fat so need advice of what diet to follow. Can i get some good gains out of this or should i wait to go get more gear??? You guys have been great with all the help and i thanks each and every one of you.
    Also is there a certin gauge of pins i need for this?
    can i mix the Equ & Test-E togeather when i shoot?
    Many more questions to come im sure. Thanks again

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    I'm assuming you have 3 10ml bottles of qv eq.

    How do you have 15ml of qv test-e 250? 1 1/2 bottles?

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    8 tabs of nolva!!?? no way bro. Get all your stuff ready before you start the cycle. If you were to get gyno, you could be in trouble trying to get nolva in time. Get everything lined up and don't start until you have all your gear on hand. One of the first things I learned .

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    Your list is confusing
    QV has 10ml products and only two 50ml size vials... are you spitting with someone?
    Why bulk if you don’t know how to diet down properly?
    Why not gain lean mass and lose fat.
    Learn your food profiles as far as pro-eins, carbohydrates, and fats. Know them so you can structure a diet like the one I sent you...
    Know what a simple and complex carbohydrate is...(the both provide adequate glucose consumption but simple carbs are a faster digested nutrient, providing quick fuel but not able to build large glycogen levels for hard training.
    Fat is only your friend when you lower your ratio of carb intake and substitute fat for what is taken away in carbs (not equal amounts in grams but in calories.

    try a 2mg x BW for EQ or straight 400mg 1-12 or 14
    and 250mg test enanthate every 4 days 1-12 or 14
    do you mean 8 boxes of nolva?
    post cycle --nolvadex 40mg ed 12-14 20mg ed 15-16
    I dont use clomid (hcg and nolvadex)I mapped this post after reading
    READ THIS ALSO, bro has a good find here
    I cut and pasted from
    ----Calories per gram of Prot-ein, Carbohydrate, Fats: 1gram carbohydrate = 3.75 calories /1 gram prot-ein = 4 calories/ 1 gram fat = 9 calories /1 gram alcohol = 7 calories----

    You want fast metabolizing prot-ein before, during and after work out…(whey pro-tein no added carbs, utilize a simple sugar like an apple or banana after workout) You should have been ingesting carbs through out the day up until about 2hr before work out... This should give you the glycogen build that you need to work hard...The fast metabolizing pro-tein 1hr before work out can be called a support... the pro-tein ingested during workout can be called an insurance....(a liquid amino mixed with water for me)... If you're training hard you want to have the pro-teins available for repair immediately....The <a href="" target="_blank"><a href="" target="_blank">protein</a></a> and simple sugar ingested after work out, is the beginning of recovery...

    OK quick growing schedule ((NEVER GO BELOW)) these --- (Pro-tein=1.5-2grams per/lb---Carbs (simple & complex= all fibrous, starches and sugars) .5-1.5grams per lb..... Fat never go over =.5g per lb unless you’re dropping carbs in place of FAT and hopefully they are Monounsaturated fats (there are good fats that your body loves to use as fuel and more efficient than some carbs...
    Ok a little confusing...but I can explain
    Carbs-when you’re on AS you should be eating if sugar -only simple sugar (fruits) if starch-try non-process if possible (rice, grains,) nothing wrong with process carbs (pasta, bread) just you should realize it takes longer to digest those guys... A hard gainer might want to ingest a process carb because of his/her genetically fast metabolic rate...
    Protein- (whey, soy, or casinates-well first start by eating real food then add the predigested amino-acids later "prot-ein" if beef keep it lean cut(no fat) chicken (baked, grilled, boiled), fish(anything you can stand just watch out for blue cat, I swear there’s more fat than muscle in that boy)
    Fats-(no saturated) the only thing you should shove down your gutter is mono and poly unsaturated fats. A good source is balance canola oil, a few teaspoons in your rice or pasta, ya know...
    Quick school...saturated fats are from your animal products the fat off meat and dairy, plan and simple the fat your made up of. WATCH OUT FOR hydrogenized fats... these are in bought baked goods basically they taste real good but you will take a few days to burn…. (Monounsaturated & Polyunsaturated-ex...omega3, flax seed, natural seed oil)
    When cycling there is a common rule of thumb for the average non Pro bb’er at 4000 cals and higher and you have to grow...fat or muscle... Well... that’s up to your dosing, that’s right think of eating just like your dosing, nailing, popping ect. Meaning on average if you ingest 6-8 small meals every 2hrs instead 3 or four great big meals you will speed your metabolic rate through digestion alone. So the more frequent and small you dose the better...
    I train a body part every four days and hard days are still and have always been leg day and back/chest...
    Light days are arms days, stomach & calves and days off day.
    Fuck my training though... for you on your
    : Heavy days-calories 3500-6000 & up
    Light days – calories 2500-4500

    For me personally….Simply (All predigested pro-tein drinks are solely <a pro-tein and dextrose or pro-tein virtually carb free)
    -Prot-ein in morning
    -Rest of day you should have balance of carb (simple & complex), pro-tein (soy & whey) and fat (mono and poly unsaturated)
    -Fast metabolizing pro-tein before, during and after work out at least 1hr to 2hrs is good before workout/ during make sure you at least consume an 1/8 of your body weight in grams of pro-tein if not a 1/4, after workout (a dextrose/ prot-ein mix -- no matter how many time you train a day)
    Slow metabolizing prot-ein at night (casinate- egg whites, egg prot-ein)
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    goes to show all the newbies don't buy until you know what you want. and when you do buy make sure you have everying you need.

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    You don't need to know
    Here's another lesson in how not to put a cycle together....Don't mean to flame you bro , but you just do not know what you are doing. Please research some more before sticking yourself......seriously ! Good Luck

    The best cycle is a well thought out and planned cycle. You should research the gear you plan on buying and what your goals are , not to mention the more important factors, training , sleep etc....

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    Yea i know that i need some major help thats why i am here. And yes i am sharing my gear thats why i only have 15ml of test-E. How much more Nolvadex do i need for this stack? Is that all i lack or do i need something else? Thanks for all your help guys thats why i am here so i can learn before i stiick myself. Im trying to get as much info as possible so i can do it the right way. Im not trying to rush into it just need all the info i can for my profile.

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