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    Skinny guy looking to get Big

    I've been skinny my whole life. When i started working out i was 6 foot and weighed like 145 - that's embarassing. I'm still really smal...i might have grown an inch although i doubt it and i fluctuate between the low to mid 170's. I have a good the whole 1.5 g <a href="" target="_blank">protein</a> per lb. every 3 or 4 hours...6 meals a day...i should be getting more sleep and i guess maybe i shouldn't drink that much but...i'm not perfect...A lot of my friends juice but they're more laxidasical about it and almost all wind up losing SIGNIFICANT (if not all) gains. I would like to eventually get to be in the 200 - 210 range...i have a small frame and figure this would probably be a fine weight for me...i seem to have plateaued when i got up to 177 (this is embarassing but its the most i've ever weighed) i work out 3 days on, one off, three days on, two off (working out the whole body in those 3 days) i'm 22 so i figure this is probably a good age to start juicing if i'm going questions are...(and if you'd be kind enough to answer i'd greatly appreciate it) I'm not looking to get shredded or anything...i'm a hardgainer as it is...i figure (and please tell me if i'm wrong) that after Juice i'll be able to shred back up):

    What type(s) of Juice should i do ?

    How much of it should i do?

    What type of gains can/should i expect? (I understand this varies from person to person but generally speaking)

    I just started taking Creatine...should i do it while i'm Juicing or discontiune it?

    Should i change my workout schedule somehow? (I'm currently focusing on the main movements, high weight, low reps, that whole deal)

    And any tips that you'd care to share....i really appreciate it and hope i've posted enough information to able you to answer!!! thanks !!!!

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    eat eat and eat. in my opinion a solid cycle consisting of sust250 stacked with deca would probably do the trick. you should probably start with some dbol for the first 4 weeks and always have nolvadex and clomid on hand.

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    Take the next couple of months and hang around the boards, read the educational forums, read the steroid profiles, and really think about what your goals are, make them more specific. if you have any questions feel free to pm me.

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    SEARCH BUTTON- bro look around for a while then ask questions. Not to flame you but you need to spend some time researching. Good Luck

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    bro everyone expierences sticking points with weight gain and need to up your calories, sleep more, more water, cardio 3 times a week and switch up your routine every 3 not run sust250 because you are not requires eod injections and thats atleast 750mg week, which is way to much for your first time....Madmax

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    im glad to see that you are doing research on AS before jumping into them....but like anything you do you should research it....a few months researching is time very well spent....i think you should stick around for a while and get used to using the search button(i use it a ton) im not trying to flame, just trying to help...and im not so sure that i would take any advice from your friends....they obviously dont know what they're doing if they always lose all of their gains....happy reading

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    I will flame....For your first post you:

    A: Ask what gear you should do
    B: How much you should do
    C: What will be the results from the above two

    I guess you forgot to ask the final two Questions:

    1: How much will it cost you
    2: Who will sell it to you


    A: You're still way too young. Wait about 3 years then think about it. And in the meantime READ READ READ READ (Am I getting my point across?)

    Why do you think anyone will go to all the trouble to tell you what, where, when, how long, how much, without you doing anything for it. At least read first, can I repeat that again!

    At LEAST READ first, instead of posting and asking for the world.

    In fact, why dont you POST your address....I'll spend my time, money, AND ENERGY and I'll fly to your place, live in a hotel and be your personal trainer as well as give you all the supplements, gear, AND KNOWLEDGE that you definitely dont posess.

    Here's an IDEA, at your local gym, why dont you ask one of the trainers that are usually there, what you can do...Because it seems that you have no intention of being serious about a change in your life that would lead to a larger and healthier physique.

    Sorry, but THE KID doesnt know what he wants. Most likely heard about steroids form someone that he knows, found this board and now wants it all in a short while!


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