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    Question Opinion w/ first cycle

    Well its like this:

    Week 1 Dianabol 20mg/day
    2 20mg/day
    3 20mg/day
    4 20mg/day
    5 Dianabol 20mg/day Deca 300mg/wk
    6 20mg/day 300mg
    7 20mg/day 300mg
    8 300mg Winny 30mg/day
    9 300mg 50mg/day
    10 300mg 50mg
    11 50
    12 50

    And all the propers during and afterwards. This is my first cycle, I wiegh 250 and have been preparing for the past 2mos. This is my first post, but not the first time getting info from the site. I would appreciate any info or comments.

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    Your taking dbol for way to long cut it to wk 1-4 @ 30 mg. Also Deca for 6 weeks isn’t going to do much for you. Stick around this board for abit and use the search button, there is tons of info floating around. Whinny and dbol in the same cycle isnt good if you want to keep your liver.

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    So it can be read alot this.
    Week 1-7 dbol 20mg ed
    Week 5-10 deca 300mg
    Week 8-12 winni 50mg ed
    First off I'd go something more like this

    Week 1-4 dbol 30-40mg ED
    Week 1-12 Test Enan. 400-500mg
    Week 1-10 Deca 300mg
    Week 9-14 winni 50mg ED
    clomid 300/100/50

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