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    deca cycle question

    My friend, claiming to be the steroid guru that he is, has put me on a 4 week cycle of deca and test prop, but all the cycles I see on this site are 8 weeks.

    Does deca take 8 weeks to get maximum benefits?

    also I am taking clomid after my last shot, is it also suggested that I take Nolvadex along with it?

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    pe karagiozi,malaka ur freind is a fuckin morron !deca takes 21 day to metoblise in ur system so u do that math ..and yes 8-10 weekss to get descent gains .

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    some people advocate short cycles but most will tell you that 4 weeks of deca and test isn't going to do a lot for you.

    deca takes two to three weeks to start working (but will continue to work for a few weeks after your last injection).

    i would suggest you do at least an 8 week cycle but you've worked that one out already!

    you need to take clomid three weeks after your last deca shot. i would continue running the test p for three weeks after your last deca shot right up until you start taking clomid.

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