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Thread: deca/dbol/food?

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    I am about to start a cycle of:

    dbol 30mg aday for 6 weeks
    deca 400ml a week for ten weeks, I have clomid for post cycle, I have enough dbol to run them both at 10 weeks but I like my liver!. Anyway I have been lifting a while but I am goin to struggle bumping up my calories/protein for the cycle. This is my first cycle and unfortunatly I am a fussy eater, not to metion weight gainers are to hard on my stomach so they are out of the question! can antone advise me on diet for bulking? I eat alot of meats,tuna bread and spaggetti but I need to know what food is goin to serious bump up my cals and protein any advice?

    Regards John

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    First off you posted this in the wrong forum. Second, do a search through the diet section and you can find TONS of info on this subject. No flame but this question has been asked too many times already.

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