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    23, 5'4", 162lbs.,18%bf, for first cycle will it matter whether it's bulk or cutting

    would like to do cutting, considering this unsure of dosages

    1-10WK PROP
    1-10WK EQ
    6-12WK WINNY
    13-16 CLOMID
    CLEN ???

    I have the itch to try SUS, but should i hold off for a bulking cycle? Or would it be beneficial to add it.

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    I always agree with cutting before bulking.

    For doses on your first, I would suggest
    wk1-13 75mg Prop ED
    wk1-10 400mg EQ
    wk8-13 50mg Winny ED
    Clomid starts 2 days after last winny/Prop

    Forget the sust untill a bulker. Prop would be a better choice for cutting. Also, IMO, you don't need the EQ. A winny/Prop would work fine for a first cycle cutter. Plus EQ is going to bump up your appetite. Your call on what your comfortable with

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