hey bros, i have been doing a cycle of german remedies testoviron , and haven't gained shit. then i read a thread from another guy who is doing a gram of them a week and hasn't gained shit either. people say that shering gave german remedies in india the licience to produce testoviron and it is legit, but i have not heard one person say "i used this shit and gained."

Im wondering if anyone has experience with this stuff. The ones i have look like this, this isn't my pic but a pic posted over at CEM.

Are there fakes going around, or are all "german remedies" fakes??? A guys from bolex just posted that he cracked one open and tasted no ba, this has me thinking they are fake. The labels dont peel off easily, and the exp date and other writing is in different ink, but the labels do fall right off if you put them in a cup of water and let sit for 1 minute. I would think if someone was faking shit, and they went to the trouble to make the labels not peel off and use diff ink on the exp date they would atleast take the time to put the fucking labes on straight?