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    Drug Test...uh oh!!

    I have to take a Drug test for a Union Construction job in 2 weeks. I am in the middle of my cycle. I have been slamming 750mg of sust and EQ in my system for 7 weeks now. Do I have reason to worry???

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    I highly doubt they will pay the high price of a steroid test, more than likely just your avg. drug test worries IMO

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    I had to take a drug test for my job, and passed with flying dbols, errrrr.... I mean colors.

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    This has been answered numerous times..Its highly unlikely they are looking for steroids . For one, its very expensive..and usually only done in pro sports. Yes there are rare exceptions! But its usually a seven panel test and they are looking for marijuana, coke, etc. So, lay off the blow brother and youll be fine!!

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