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    What's up guys, haven't been in here for a few months... gotta question for ya. I just took a job as a cross country trucker, on the road for 6-10 days at a time... anyone in here drive or have suggestions as to working out and especially staying on while on the road that much? I'm nervous that there won't be a gym near me when I stop at the end of the day and of course I don't wanna lose what took me years to build up... the other thing I'm worried about is if I need to carry 1 or 2 shots with me going through weigh stations and all that other inspection sh*t... any advise bro's?

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    Sounds like it would be hard man. I dont know how you would be able to work out and drive, when you are going through citys.

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    get a gold's or worlds gym member ship, go to and and find gym locations. you can use those memberships at any location, maybe you can plan your work out schedual that way,that way if you couldnt work out one day, you know where there would be a gym the next day, and I think if I was you I would go to a head shop and buy one of those wd-40 empty can stash hider , rough it up a lil , the can that is, and put two shots in it . make sure they dont rattle.stick it in your tool box and roll out. just my 2 cc's

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