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    Need for Cabergoline on Tren?

    If I had no issues while on 600mg per week of Deca and 200mg of Test Cyp (I used .5 mg of Arimidex ), would I still need to worry about progestin issues on say 500mg of Tren Enanthate ? I realize Tren has a ridiculously higher androgenic ratio compared to Deca, so I'm wondering if anyone has avoided Tren dick and other sides without Cabergoline?

    Or if Arimidex actually has any effect on progestin sides?

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    600 deca and only 200 test??? Why the test so low? How much you planning for when on Tren ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkness View Post
    600 deca and only 200 test??? Why the test so low? How much you planning for when on Tren?
    The test on the deca cycle was low because I didn't want test related sides but I wanted to maintain proper endocrine functions, as the deca would have shut that down completely.

    With tren I will likely take the same amount of test or even 100mg for the same reasons. The tren should be powerful enough and I just want to keep the endocrine system working.

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    The best thing you can do is manage your e2 levels. There is a relationship between e2 and prolactin and progesterone upreg e2 receptors so by properly managing e2 you stand the best chances of avoiding these sides. That being said I always have prami on hand when i run deca or tren just in case. I like prami better than caber personally. I works quixkly and is better in the area of sexual function than caber and thats the area these sides seem to effect most. Best of muck.
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