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    Cutting Cycle Critique (first cycle, please all info helps)

    Hey there bros. Today is the first day of my cutting cycle, my first one in general. Here's what it looks like. Any advice or input would really help:

    Stats: 5'10", 185. 11% bf

    Week 1,2: 50mg winny tabs ed (little blue guys), ECA
    Week 3,4: 50mg winny tabs ed, 120mcg liquid clen ed
    Week 5,6: 50mg winny tabs ed, NYC,
    liquid T3 (tapering up starting week 5)
    Week 7,8: 50mg winny tabs ed, 120mcg liquid clen ed,
    liquid T3 (tapering down during week 8, so total of 4 week
    Week 9,10: ECA, liquid Clomid- 200 mg day 1, 100mg for 6 days, 50 mg
    last 7 days

    Vitamins: GNC multi-vitamin
    100mg R-ALA before every meal & workout
    Milk Thistle
    Z-Mass PM
    Saw Palmetto
    Vitamin C
    Vitamin E
    Flax-Seed Oil
    Green Tea Extract

    Hair Loss Prevention Routine:
    Nizoral 2% - every shower
    Minoxodil 5% & Azaelic Acid 5% - am
    Spironolactone 2% - pm (shit stinks to high hell)

    I know this was pretty long and detailed, but I just want to make sure I am going to be doing everything right. My diet will be 5-6 meals per day, high protein (at least 200g per day), moderate carb, low fat. I'm going to work one muscle group per day, abs 3x per week, and cardio 3x per week (unless there is pain from my joints drying out on the winny and clen and then I don't know what I'll do). Alright then. If you're still awake , please give me any insight or if I'm doing something wrong. Thanks bros.

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    I know it is off-topic, but where did you get that photo on your profile ???

    Man that´s totally awesome!

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    Geez, can anybody give me some insight here? Some guy talks about d-bol tabs and gets 20 replies, and I'm pulling a fat zero. I guess a cutting cycle doesn't excite them like it used to. P.S. taquipariu that's me with the mullet playing ball against my older bro. I always kick his ass.

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    You have no test.

    Your running winny 8wks. (I see you do have some rALA though)

    Sounds like your using I-P lol

    4wks of T3 is pretty low.

    So here is my recomendation.

    50mg Prop + 50mg Tren ED for 8wks.

    T3 wks 1-6

    (25mcg day 1, 50mcg day 2, 75mcg day 3, 100mcg day 4-20, 75mcg 21-28, 50mcg 29-36, 25mcg 37-42)

    CLen 120-140mcg 2wks / NYC, Thermoxin (new stuff at AF), or ECA 2wks

    Seens your concerned with hair loss. Winny alone will be harder on it than this cycle BTW. I would throw in 1mg Proscar and .5mg Arimidex or 25mg Aromasin E3D.

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