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    HCG for recovery bridging

    i just finished a deca \winny cycle and i can't get wood. i just finished clomid theropy. i am taking OTC test boosters and my problem is that i can't get wood. i am going to do a recovery bridge that looks like this:
    week 1-3 10mg d-bol 1st thing in the morning
    week 2-3 HCG
    week 3-5 clomid 300-100-50how much HCG should i take???

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    i would personally take like small doses every day... like total of 5000iu and if u want u can even go as high as 10,000iu,,,

    i woud take like 1000 iu 1st day, then keep takin 500iu Every day for 2, 3 weeks

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    what dbol is going with that? drop it!!!!
    the best you can do is take 5000ui hcg every 5 days 2 or 3 times, then clomid 100mg/day for 2 or 3 weeks. I f you can add some proviron ( alone this shit will get you wood like you said.) If you can't wait to fuck your girl, you should take 50mg viagra before sex..... this is better. That is what i do when on long cycle.

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    why dont u just take 2500 iu first day and 2500 iu 5 days later along with clomid !

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    I shut down hard from deca too, do this.....1000iu's ed for 10 days along with 20mg/ed of nolvadex , then hit clomid 100mg/ed for 7 days then 50mg/ed for 14 days. If that doesnt get your boy working again then go to the doc!

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