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    Question gyno not going??

    howzat guys,
    my cycle,sust/deca /d.bol
    currently 2 weeks in gained 13lbs week one(dont you love water retension)gyno appeared again(got it on last cycle of test cypionate )around 3 days in.40mg nova day 1 and 20mg for last 5 days.(gains this week 2lbs,talk about depressing)it seems to have contained it but isnt getting any better.not sure what to do,cant get hands on broma.really dont want to be on nolva for rest of course (14 weeks before clomid at the moment),but will if have to.any ideas will be welcome.

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    stay on the nolva, its good to run the entire time. unless you look forward to risking gyno, getting fatter, being bloated, and having high BP. those must me those mysterical gains it reduces..lmao

    anyways though, maybe it will go away..maybe it wont. theres no sure answer.

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    your gyno might be caused by progestrone from the deca and if it is then your nolvadex wont cure it, but you can try running some winny with your cycle before you get to far into it

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