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Thread: new cycle

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    new cycle

    I am thinking of starting a new cycle real soon this is what i am looking at

    weeks 1-8 400 mgs decca
    week 1-8 500 mgs sust
    weeks 8-10 200 mgs decca
    weeks 8-10 250 mgs of sust

    weeks 8-12 50 mgs of winni eod
    weeks 8-12 3 fina tabs a day

    comments I have done one half ass cycle before 7 weels 400 mgs of test eath (tornell), and two of those weeks were with a diabetic needle And this time I want to do it right i am almost finished being stocked up and ready to go anything i should change doseages?

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    my stats currently have me at 5'9 about 212lbs and 12-14 %bf i have 17.5 inch arms a 47 inch chest 27 inch quads and a 34.5 inch waist, i have a friend whop eate the fina pellets and reported pretty good gaines 12lbs in a cycle so i mean i am not into creating my own souliton or rubbing all over my body, has anyone else tried eating fina tabs?

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    Like hercules said don't taper.
    Run it like this:
    Week 1-10 Sus 500mgs
    Week 1-10 Deca 400mgs
    Week 6-13 Fina 75mgs ed
    Week 8-13 Winny 50mgs ed
    Clomid 3 days out.

    You don't wanna eat those pellets bro. They have all kinds of nasty shit in them like binder etc... That's why they weren't made for internal consumption.
    You can make your own injectable fina in about 2hrs and it's not hard to do. If you can walk and chew gum at the same time then you can make fina.

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