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    Eyebrows faling out, help!

    Help me out please my eyebrows are falling out, if I touch them they come out easy, why is this??

    I finished 8 weeks of sust and i thinned my hair, Im taking nolvadex and EQ right now and I just started proprecia 2 weeks ago, why is my eyebrows falling out?

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    i dont know why your eyebrows are falling out. that really really sucks bro. what dosages were you running?

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    That really sucks, i have no idea why that is happening.

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    That sucks bro! Its not too bad though, you can always go to a salon and get them touched up!

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    no way bro, go to a doctor right now. that is really serious. in the meantime maybe try applying spiro topically. also keep in mind propecia is known to cause a reverse reaction in some men and cause total alopecia, so if it started happening in the last two months i would discontinue it.


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    I think I can be of some help. When did your eyebrows start falling out? Did you start taking the propecia for that purpose?
    I have a condition called alopecia areata, which is hair loss in patches. I haven't had it for like four years but it comes and goes as it very well pleases.(and recently I've had a recurrence) Hair falling out of the eyebrows was one sign of it returning for me. This might be the start of it for you. I highly suggest you go to your dermatologist, because if it is the same condition I think its best to treat it early. For the eyebrows they will probably give you some topical application of cortisone, but like I said better early than losing your hair. It can be a quite emotionally debilating thing, so I urge you to look into that.
    Hope I was of some help man...
    Good luck!

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    This guy is right! I got the same problem! Its because of the areata! Its happening to me and seems that mine are getting thinner also! Especially when i am on a cycle! Ill know when i go on this next one if the steroids is helping the problem! But, if you want to know, i got a doctor who uses a strong treatment in Michigan that will help! It hurts but its the best thing ive ever used!

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