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Thread: hey fellas...

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    Aug 2001

    hey fellas...

    hey everyone... how its goin...

    been takin a rest for the past few months... been wondering what are the latest trends in this sport??

    what companies are producing the best gear...

    any good/ new stacks out there...

    any fakes (or stuff that being easily faked) that I should know about...

    aight fellas... thats it for now...

    and remember ... go heavy... every rep... every set...

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    Oct 2002
    wow, i could go on for hours about shit, but i don't have time...if i were you i would just browse the board from 60 days ago and read as many posts as you can to get back into it.

    noone will be able to really answer your questions since they are so vague and encompass so much information.

    i will say that there are more QV fakes floating around now though...

    have a good one and welcome back.

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    Aug 2001
    yeah I def hear ya on that... I plan on goin back a lil and look at some of the posts... get an Idea of what has been goin on... y aknow...

    lotta QV fakes huh.... def gonna make a note of that

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