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    Gyno two months after last cycle, any (good) advice?

    It's been two months since I ended my test. cycle. I honestly would have paid not to take them knowing what I know now. I think I had a lot of estrogen in my body because I got side effects (ex. slight gyno). My gyno went down, but now, for some reason, my nipple is getting puffy and sore, and I'm not even on anything.
    I am pissed I never took anti-e's but I couldn't find them and still can't. I am making a doc apptmt so I can get a prescription, but want to get some advice on what to take, and where to get without prescrip.
    Also---Does anyone know if anti-estrogens combat the increased bodyfat/high bp/lower energy--(things I also got from my cycle)?

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    Hey bro, if u cant get nolvadex then get liquid nolv. Check ur PM's


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