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Thread: Deca with VAR

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    Deca with VAR

    i was gonna do a 40 mg a week ox or var cycle., but now can get some deca ....should i run both together., or with deca dick be of factor @ 400 mg a week with the ox..............does var help., or hurt the deca dick....experiences ., coments., thanks

    also, did any use vet vs. norma's the diffecnce huge? or just bacteria., and sting?> peace

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    Well if your gonna run deca I would strongly suggest using test along with it. So to answer your 1st ? then yes deca dick would probably be a factor @ 400mgs per week
    2nd: What are your goals of this cycle?
    Generally Var is used to cut, deca is more for mass. So the 2 really don't go hand in hand, although if your diet is really good you can cut pretty much w/ anything.
    3rd: If I had a choice between vet or norma's i'd go w/ the norma's.
    So give us your stats. Age, height weight bf% and past cycle experience if any, and goal of the cycle.

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