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    Prostate Question

    Hey guys, on my last cycle I noticed that it felt like the area where my prostate resides was a little sore, to the point where I couldn't even go running. This was in my last week of a 10 week cycle of 500sust & 400 deca with 50 winny ed. I'm gonna be starting another cycle soon, there is no one in my family with any kind of prostate cancers, problems or otherwise. Is there any kind of measure I can take to prevent this from happenning? It's almost like it was slightly enlarged, but then went back to normal, very unpleasant and kinda scarey! Any advise is welcome....

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    The pros will get a little larger on AS but cancer is not commen in the young it is more commen in people in there late 50s more.

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    A couple of buddies of mine take saw palmetto when on AS to help out the prostate

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    soul shaker Guest
    vitamin c, vitamin e, and selenium are the combo for prostate health along with saw palmetto. i do it year round.

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    Thanks guys, you calmed my nerves. I also heard the Propecia is good for blocking DHT which is also found to cause prostate problems. I think I might get some of that & the Saw Palmetto for my next cycle. Afterwards I'll go see the doc and let him tell me I'm OK. No one in my family has EVER had problems of this kind so I'm not really worried about being predisposed for it, but it's good to know that people can relate. Everyone talks about acne & their balls, but I NEVER hear any talk about prostate probs. Peace...

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    Cool Damn, someone who's more clinical than me!

    Originally posted by jetskidude
    sounds like prostatodynia. a noninfectious, noninflammatory condition of you younger bro's. the symptoms mimic those of prostatitis but usually no signs of infection or inflammation are present on exam. treatment is empiric and supportive. but any question (and with your family history) i'd suggest you see the urologist.
    and no, you don't have to tell the doc you've been juicin' just let him do his exam.
    I agree with jetskidude, although he appears to have misread the statement you made about your family history (jersey juice indicated absence family history). IMO, FWIW, you can just as easily get a competent opinion at this stage of the game from a family physician.

    However, in addition to getting the finger, so to speak (and you do want the finger - the DRE or "Digital Rectal Exam" is the primary way of diagnosing prostate enlargement), you should also ask for a PSA - Prostate Specific Antigen, a simple lab test. Any reading of less than 4.0 ng/ml is considered to be in normal range.

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