Yes..I got my gear last night...and it legit!!! I got a bottle of Test400 and 2 bottles of QV QV has the cute lit dog on it n the holograms reflect light...yeah my source rules..ok his price don't but what can i say..they are legit!! Ok Aug.1 is my starting date..I need to order my liquidex yet..I got my clomid..I will update you guys and let you know how it goes...oh yeah i showed my gear to my source and he just shook his head..he said hes seen the fake QV and cant believe that someone can make it look so close to the real shit!! Then I showed him my sust250 and he said that it was legit...we talk about my gains i made and the side i felt..(nuts seemed to shrink and after eating a good protein meal i felt hot and my blood pressure was up) He said he had the stuff before but people complained that it was dirt and hurt..I told him that i didnt get any was Lofflers Sust 4la..he feels as if it was good i just didnt take enough! (1cc/week). My question is should i mix the EQ and Test400 in an empty 30cc vial or just pull out a 1/2 cc of test and 1cc of EQ..I'm doing a Mon. and Thurs. split! What do you think?