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View Poll Results: When do u start seeing result after the use of clen?

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    markc1345 is offline New Member
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    Jun 2003

    For those of you who tried clen alone for cutting

    when do u start seeing result? searched for a while but couldn't find much answers to this question

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    Buddha_Red's Avatar
    Buddha_Red is offline Senior Member
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    May 2002
    Pasadena, Texas
    For me, clen was a waste and the T3 i added in only served to strip me clean of lean mass. i was totally smooth.

    i say, go get a bottle of your favorite ECA. i use yellow subs. (17 bucks a bottle on the net)JUST ONE and you will know it works hehe

    Watch your diet, lower your carbs and up the protein.
    Drop all soda's up the water and hit the cardio.

    thats the secret to weight loss. clen,t3,topical fina all tired and failed by me. I only speak on things i have personally tested.

    some have great results, others have nothing. i am in the nothing crowd.

    Hope it helps

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    roidmanraging's Avatar
    roidmanraging is offline Junior Member
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    Jun 2003
    I believe the use of cutting agents depends on a couple of factors:
    1. your body type (ecto, meso, endomorphic)
    2. your supplement and caloric support
    3. your anabolic or lack of support

    I'm in between an ecto and a meso. I can gain lean mass and loss it pretty rapidly. Things like clen and even ECA can drop too much weight off of me if I don't have the appropriate caloric support. It's more about knowing your body and how it reacts with your usual diet. Recently WHILE ON GEAR i tried t3 for the first time. I won't be doing t3 anymore.

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    tony_canuck's Avatar
    tony_canuck is offline Junior Member
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    May 2002
    i agree with everything buddha said. your diet is key, plus cardio, then adjust accordingly your supps. clen is no miracle drug.

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