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    Directions for prop/fina mixture

    I read away from AR on how to substitute prop for the oil in the fina kits and come out with a Awesome Fina/Prop combination! I believe that in the end you had 75mg fina and 25mg of prop in 1 ml.

    has anyone else seen this article or have the directions for this?

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    A standard 75mg/ml kit with 100mg/ml prop would yield

    ~ 75mg tren + 75mg Prop / 1ml (it can change depending on a few things, call this a rough estimate)

    This will most definately hurt

    To do this though, place prop instead of oil at the exact amount you would have used anyways. Its about 20ml per 2 gram conversion.

    A better idea IMO would be to add an equal amount of prop as the oil that you normally would, but add half the oil.

    This would give you 55mg Tren + 55mg Prop....this would be a good combo


    2 g kit

    add your ~10ml of oil (normally would be 20ml) and also add 20ml prop

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