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    Jan 2003

    next bulking cycle, critique please.

    little history first.
    age 25
    ht 6'1''
    wgt 225
    bf 12%
    first cycle- test e only@400mg/week-10 weeks
    second cycle- test e only@600mg/week-10 weeks
    third cycle- test e@ 500mg/week-10 weeks dbol weeks 1-4 30mg ed
    most recently- winstrol tabs only- 50 mg ed for 4 weeks.

    i can have any test, EQ, deca , win, and any oral.

    so im thinkin this for my next one:
    test e @ 400mg/week-10 weeks
    EQ @ 400 mg/week-10 weeks
    anavar - not sure how to run maybe 25mg ed for first 5 weeks.

    any input greatly appreciated

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    Apr 2003
    its time to try prop, and bro thats quite the number of cycles. ur only 225 lbs, wow ? im surprised, like i know 2 guys who started out at 170 and ran 3 cycles and are ripped at 240 and 9%. on this one u should do a lil better imho.. consider

    anadrol /test prop/tren /EQ and cut up at the end with prop/t3/clen or something like that.

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    i wouldn't run the var at less than 40mg/day.

    extend the enth 1 week past the eq and you will be all set.

    also, if i were you i would consider increasing the cycle by 2 weeks to really see some better quality gains.

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    Jan 2003
    yea im a bit disapointed from my overall results after 3-4 cycles. its like yo-yo dieting. i began at 203 lb in january of 2002. i went 203-228 then ran clomid and down to 215. the nwent 215-235 ran clomid and down to 224. my 3rd cycle with the dbol was a waste i went 224-240 and back down to 225 after i ran clomid. then i played with the winny by itslef just for some hardness. so here i sit at 225. either i am massively prone to water weight or my cells arent responding to test by itself any longer. anyway thanks for the input.

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    I agree with Gundam. Run the anadrol at 100mg ed 1-4,Test Prop 100mg ed 1-12,Eq 600mg per week 1-12 and fina 100mg ed 7-14. Start HCG at 500iu ed at week 10 then when done with AS run clomid and novaldex with HCG. If you hold water try half a cc of letrozole ed 1-12. You should blow up with this one and lower b/f. You'll keep alot to. It only took me 3 cycles to go from 148-195. I'm 192 right now, just had left wrist tendon sergury so I can't go to the gym. Shit sucks but shit happens. I'll be hoping on a similar cycle as soon as I'm better. Good luck!

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    I like the cycle you posted, run the var 8 weeks


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    Jan 2003
    thanx for input.

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