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    I'm in here with the rest of YOU!

    Fina/Prop combo!

    has anyone tried the Fina/Prop combination?

    I've seen the directions to replace the oil for the Fina when making the kit with Test Prop. It's suppose to be a 75mg of Fina and 25mg of prop all in 1ml! Sounds like a good combo to me!

    If anyone has tried it let me know how it worked and if it was hard to alter the original kit.

    Also what was the final mg's for both Fina and Prop?

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    Depends on your kit, but basically if you use 100mg/ml prop you will get about 75mg tren + 75mg prop which IMHO is too concentrated for painfree injections

    instead id go half oil half prop..which is like 75 tren 50 prop IIRC

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    I'm about to do just that, just waiting till i get the prop then i'll order my fina.

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    Like BB said, depends on your kit.
    I would use a 75/50mg/ml blend personally for less pain.
    40ml you would have to use 2g of prop, the rest would be oil, so if you disolved in solvent and came up with about 5ml volume, you would need 20ml of prop100 and 15ml of oil for that ratio or so.

    Just a rough est.

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