Hi all If you guys are on the comp. as much as me when i'm studying and reading websites then this might be as some use. It's a calendar that you can program and have it remind you for what ever reason or event. For my case I use it for college and when to do my AS shots. You just click on the day type in what you want and how you want it to remind you and it's done. You can have it load with windows or not. But once you open it what ever event you have programmed to remind you will pop up and will say for an example: 3 days left until 4th shot. and keeps reminding you until that day is here. I dunno I think its of some use to keep up with shots and when you want to start another one in the mix or what ever reason. The link at download.com is down so I went straight to the makers site, http://home.ar.inter.net/icardoth/3dcal40e.zip I think its a trial but if you like it, its 15$ but I found a working password for it so if you need it just PM. I'm not sure if this is of board rules or not if so please admins correct me, Just helping everyone out. Thanks and cyas