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    am i expecting to much for 1st cycle?

    im on my 6th week of 12. Test E 225 and deca 160mg e3days.
    im eating about 3500 to 3800cal a day. about 1gallon of water.
    working out 3days resting 1 working out 3 resting 2

    the first 3and a half weeks i gained about 15lbs, my sex drive was really high, strength went up as well.
    like i said im on my 6th week, and no gain in weigh, my sex drive isnt all there anymore and it seems like my strenth has gone down some too. hunger pains dont hit me as bad, and as often. I really dont feel the same as when i first started using.
    Am i just expecting to much? or am i doing something wrong, overtraining?

    I did stop taking the my liquidex about 10 days ago b/c i have a bad rash and wanted to see if it was the liquidex. but it didnt seem to help so i just started using it again 2 days ago.

    please give me some suggestions or comments.

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    I would say increase the calories even more, keep lifting strong and dont let it get you down.

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    had the same prob on my first cycle, gained 20 lbs and was stuck for 2 weeks, bump calories from 4000 - 5000, gained 5 lbs more to 25 lbs.

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    I'm not trying to flame...I'm far from a no it all...but could you have gain 5lbs. of body fat..I'm always afraid to raise my calories too high for fear of the fat!

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    That is what I was thinking about the fat. Do we really need to go above say 4000. We only need to eat enough so our body is using our food for fuel and not our muscle or supplies of other things like nitrogen and so on right?
    How about you protein intake? Are you taking in the right kind of protein or are you relying only on the protein in the food.

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    I read your profile which has your stats in it. If those are correct then, I would not advise going above 3500 to 4000 calories. Although it varries per person. I know a heavy weight bodybuilder who has recently gone pro. He has been open with me about his diet and stacks, he eats 4000cal per day and he weighs OVER 230lbs. If he's growing at 4000, then you might want to reconsider increasing your calories at your current stats (from profile: 175lbs, 5'-8", 16% BF), else you soon may find yourself quite a bit fatter than 16% BF.

    A few things could be happening. Consider the following:
    1. You could be overtraining.* Are you getting enough sleep?
    2. You may be eating poorly. Are spreading your calories over 5 or 6 small meals, or are you stuffing yourself for 2-3 meals?
    3. Are you getting a good mix of fats, protein AND carbs? If you stay away from carbs, you'll have no energy. If you don't eat enough carbs, your body will burn protein for energy, which means the protein will not be used for building muscle. Are you eating BALANCED meals? If you are not getting enough vitamins & minerals such as iron, your energy will drop.
    4. Are you very active outside the gym (excessive cardio, biking, wrestlling, hiking, etcetera)? Too much exercise will sap your energy, gains AND your sex drive.
    5. For some, it is possible to gain muscle and loose fat. Might this be happening to you? This happened to me during parts my first cycle. I was happy with the results, but kept trying to figure out why my weight was not increasing over varioius periods of time.

    Thinking about the above questions will hopefully help you solve your problem.

    Best of luck.

    *--NOTE: Some people have a reaction to extra testosterone where their sex drive increases then sharply decreases. Testosterone does NOT automatically make everyone horny as hell. There are varried reactions. However, if your energy is low, then you should examine the quality of the nutrients in the foods you eat and your rest (recovery time).

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