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    Cutting cycle...anyone...someone?

    Just wondering if this looks cool or if i should tweak it some. It will be a cutting cycle.

    6 weeks.
    Sust 500mgs/week. 1-6
    EQ 600mgs/week. 1-6

    2-6 Cycle T-3/clen /ECA
    T-3 will be 3 days .25, 3 days .50, 12 days 100, 3 days .75, 3 days .50, 3 days .25, 7 days .125.(Tried to follow Cycleons instructions, cept i have a little bit more ramp up here)

    Will cycle Clen for first two weeks, switch to ECA for a week, then Back to clen.

    Nolva ED
    Clomid 3 weeks after last shot.

    I'm not really looking to gain allot of weight here, in fact if i can stay at my current weight that would be just fine, just lose the bodyfat I havent been able to get rid off.

    I have tried ECA's and Clen. But havent seen much affect from them alone, besides being jumpy. My body just seems to like the weight its stuck at. I used to run everyday for 5 or 6 miles and lost 50 pounds allot of it was muscle,I dont want to do that again and lose what i've worked for. I've since changed my diet multiple times tried different routines etc..I can gain the muscle, but the fat stays. Currently doing cardio 4 times a week, 45 - 60 minutes. Eating about 2000 calories a day. I'm 5'9" 195, 15% BF. What do you guys think?
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    75mg Prop + 75mg Tren ED for 8wks would be much, much better IMO

    T3 plan looks good.

    If you wanna stay with what you have, go at least 10wks.

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