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    ok here's the deal i am currently running a cycly that consists of:

    week 1-6 d-bol 25mg per day

    week 1-10 test enathate 500mg per week

    deca 1-10 400mg per week

    and for post cycle T i have got:

    6 shots of HCG @ 1500iu each

    and 1 box of tamoxifen (nolvadex ) 20mg tabs

    how do i use the above for pct and how do i administer it

    NB i do not have clomid.

    plz i hear conflicting stories so i realy need your help

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    Damn i hope u dont get GYNO bro. Then u have to choose between gyno or pct.
    U should buy some more Nolva/clomid.
    But with the stuff u have at the moment:
    wk 11,12,13: HCG 3000/3000/1500/1500 IU every 5 days.
    wk 13: 40mg nolva ed
    wk 14-..: 20mg nolva ed

    if u bought the rest of nolva/clomid:
    wk 13,14: 40mg nolva (or colmid 150mg) wk 15, 16 20mg nolva (or colmid 100mg)

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