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    length of time for off period?

    ive jus finished a 8 week cycle of sust 500mg/w, enan 250mg/w and dbol at 30mg/ed for 6 weeks. im not satisfied with my results and was thinkin of runnin a 10 week cycle of test cyp 500mg/w, dbol at 40mg/ed for 6 weeks. i was wonderin if it wuld be ok to run the cycle 2 weeks afta finishin the previous one, or wuld it be better 2 run clomid for few weeks then straight afta do the cycle. the reason is i dnt want 2 lose ne of the gains i made and i need to gain the mass in a couple of months so a 2 month off period is unsuitable.

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    Time on equals time off. Run your clomid continue to workout then start preparing for the next cycle. Another six weeks of D-bol that close wouldn't be good for the liver. You should of done a longer diffrent cycle.Why do you need the mass so quickly?

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