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Thread: My cycle

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    My cycle

    My next cycle is going to be
    week 1-3 A-bombs/1 ed
    Week1-10 500mg of cyp
    week1-10 300mg of deca
    with novas and clomid for the end.
    I've been reading up more and more about A-50's and i'm getting different responses on how anadrol works for ppl in there gains while on and wehat they keep. I do have some d's from my first cycle but not that many about 30mg/ed for about 3 weeks. Will I get a good increase in size and strength of the a-bombs and will i keep most of these gains when i'm done my cycle or is it just a waste of time for me to use them and i should just get some more dbols and be happy with what i get from them. any help on this will be much appreciated.

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    Id leave just like you have it.

    Id also run the dbol 20-30mg ED for wks 11-13 just to have something in there before you start clomid as the other drugs leave your system. I like ending with dbol or prop and always do.

    Run your anti-es

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    Quote Originally Posted by Billy_Bathgate
    I like ending with dbol or prop and always do.

    Run your anti-es
    Words of wisdom right there.

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