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    Proviron & HPTA Recovery

    I'm hoping some vets or MD's on here can shed some light because every time I research this I get a different answer. During PCT taking 20mg nolva and 100mg clomid, if taking 25mg of proviron upon waking in the morning will have any effect on HPTA. I keep reading conflicting reports, but the doses used are usually 100-150mg that were used, not 25mg. I'm sure it's because of the proviron I haven't experienced any loss in sex drive or depression. I've been off for about 5 weeks now, lost bloat and a little strength, but I can see some good quality muscle now that I gained and couldn't see through the bloat. I don't want to further inhibit nat test levels. I read that a dose as low as 25mg has virtually no effect on HPTA especially when taken upon waking up... anyone have good reasons that I should stop taking it?
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