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Thread: need help

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    need help

    I started taking juice last year. I started with test.250 1cc. and a deca 200 2cc per week for ten weeks. then i took prop.1cc, enanthate1cc. cipionate1cc., and deca1cc. weekly for ten weeks. I gained 10 pounds of muscle. i would like to know what other effective cycle could i use to gain 20 - 25 pounds of muscle in 10 weeks.

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    that is a long time to be on 20 total weeks, 500mg of test and 400mg of eq for ten weeks may be something you would want to look into, test should be your base and since you already did deca you should try EQ to see how you like the results from that, its a fairly simply stack that most people have done

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    I think test and eq is a good cycle.

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