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Thread: fatty insulin!

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    david romero is offline Junior Member
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    Feb 2002

    fatty insulin!

    Hi there:
    Im seriously thinking about using insulin (Humulin R). Have read many threads and information on websites about the benefits and also the bad side of using insulin.

    Many information says that if you eat right, can make good gains with isulin. Also insulin can make you puffy and very fat if your diet is not right.

    My question is:
    -How can you make some gains with insulin but without gain fat?
    Is this possible?, what I want to ask is that if you use insulin, can your b/f % be the same all the time, or better; can your b/f % get lower until you are using insulin?

    If you people out there can help me with this, Ill appreciate it.
    Thanx a lot:


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    SuperBigZane is offline New Member
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    first of all insulin alone is a WEAK anabolic u wont get much gains if any.. alone..

    u need steroids

    slin is only a transport for nutrients and if u take it alone.. ull just increase ur transport but ur rate of muscle gains will still be slow due to ur normal average test..

    u need steroids

    run Test prop 500mg/week
    dbol 35mg ed

    screw insulin.. unhealthy and deadly if u OD and gains are crap when used alone..

    just like GH alone is garbage..

    insulin alone is garbage..

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    david romero is offline Junior Member
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    Feb 2002

    also test

    I forget to said that Im thinking about using insulin with some test like enanthathe or sustanon .

    Any one can giveme more advices?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperBigZane
    insulin alone is garbage..
    while im sure my first slin usage would have produced more gains had it been run during cycle instead of as a bridge, i didn't think it was garbage by itself.

    the slin will shuttle nutrients and help the body take advantage of protein synthesis, so coupled with AS you will get some good results.

    if you can i would look into humalog istead of humulin as it is easier to feel hypo coming on and less likely to fuck with your insulin levels several hours after administration.

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