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Thread: gyno question?

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    gyno question?

    have a light case of gyno. wanted to know of any medications to treat it? and is there any good websites to get novadex? thanks for the help

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    Well try getting your hand on some nolvadex somehow, i wouldn't trust any online source. Not sure if they make liquid nolvadex, but run a search on it and maybe you'll find an underground lab that sells it and that can be bought legally. If you find it run it by a mod to check for legitimacy.

    Your best bet is to just go to the doctor, they will be able to do soooo much more for you.

    Good luck.

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    check around you can find it for sure. If you cant find it send me a PM and Ill send you a link to where I get mine.


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    your medical insurance might cover surgery

    if you have medical insurance, gyno is considered potentialy cancerous and your insurance more than likely will cover the surgery. my friend had gyno surgery and his was covered

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    If the gyno is embarrassing you, and stick thru your shirt, trying wearing a shirt with a large print on the front. The print will be thick enough to hide the lumps

    I heard it cost like 2000 bucks to have it removed. In Australia thankfully all surgery is covered. My friend had it done for free...

    You so it's mild? You might be able to get away with some stacking of a few roids... but your doctor might give you a easier alternative, and that way he can moniter you as well. choose well, and good luck.

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