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    Gyno symptoms, how much nolva to take?

    Trying to get a consensus on how much nolva to take now that my gyno symptoms have started. I've heard 60mg/day until it subsides, I've heard 80, I've heard 20. I also have proviron , so I was going to just do 20mg of each.

    Anybody who REALLY knows his shit?


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    half way during my cycle i ran out of nolvadex for four days and started getting itchy nips . as soon as i got my nolvadex i raised it up to 60mg like you said and it took about five days and it was gone, good luck

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    Here's what I did when I was on dbol and started feeling lumps under both nipples (and nipples were burning too).

    80mg for 1 day
    60mg for ~4 days
    40mg for ~4 days
    20mg for rest of cycle

    Lumps are gone and I have no other sides at all.

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    traditional style

    I'd say go with a more traditional style...40mg/day till sypmtoms subside and 20mg/day thereafter.

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    If I'm combining with proviron , can I get away with less? Or should I can the proviron and just do the nolva?

    As a side note, I just did 105s for 8 strict reps on chest press. Awesome. yeah! woohoo!

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