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    Test a carcinogen?

    Last night i was looking through my old organic chemistry lab manual's list of carcinogens, and Testosterone and Progesterone were both on the list. Does anyone know anything about this?

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    Moderation is the key, as with anything. Anything in too great amounts can be considered a carcinogin IMO.


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    certian vitamins are considered to be a carcinogenic at sufficiently high levels, as is damn near everything around you...even your computer monitor...don't worry about it...

    at the same time, tissue growth is supported by hormones...if there is a growth (benign or malignant), supplementing with exogenous test may support tumour growth (if there was one).

    it was once advertised in the news many years ago that cholesterol was good for you, because a few researchers found supporting evidence in a should only believe 1/3 of what you hear, and 2/3 of what you see.

    take everything with a grain of salt

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