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    how should i space out my restin days on win?

    i go to the gym and run everyday about 5-6 days a week. on the winny do i need to take time so it can heel up, but obvisouly during a cycle recovery time increases and you go can go more. i want today but ive been to the gym 5 out of the 6 last days. what should i do. o yeah im into week 2 on JUSt the winny cycle wich is goin awsome . yeah ya get sore but i take 6 pills of clucosamean a day, wich is keepin the joints lubed and im eating awsome. do i need more then maybe 1 day off cause stamina has shot up.

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    Do what feels good for you. If you are getting results 6 days a week then why change it. I only take off when my body tells me that I need a day off.

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