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    3rd week & decent results

    This is my 1st cycle: wk 1-4 dbol 20mg/day
    wk 1-10 sust 250/wk
    wk 1-10 deca 200/wk

    This is the end of the 3rd wk & so far I have experience decent results.
    I started out doing 315x6 reps & as of my last bench workout I did 315x9. However, I really don't feel any KICK I gained about 5lbs of body weight I'm 238 now. When I got on the scale I couldn't believe it because I don't have the time to eat like I should. (but I like the weight)

    I would like to be able to do 350x10 by the end of the cycle, I've done 350x8 before (natural) so I know I can do it but, I don't feel anything does anyone think I'll feel the deca or sust weeks 5-8?

    Overall I can't wait for my next bench session to see if I can get another rep or two. Also, everything else is going good squats(which I hate) back is good and arms were so tight on arm day I thought my skin was going to rip.(lol) When I got home my girlfriend was so suprised SHE WENT AND GOT A MESURING TAPE, & the arms were 19.5 inches.

    The only reason I didn't do higher dosages is because I didn't like needles, but now after the 1st two shots it's not a problem. But I'd still be alittle afraid to inject into the bicep or lats or anywhere else other than the ass.

    I'm satisfied w/the results & can't wait for a cutting cycle, any suggestions?


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    it will make your weight go up more than anything,also dont forget to deadlift.

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