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    Review on my 1st proper cycle

    hi bros, i'm getting ready for my 1st proper cycle ever...
    i screwed up the first 2 before joining this board
    my stats:
    4 yrs training exp
    1.75m(always had a problem converting this to feets and "s)

    my coming cycle:
    Wks 1-12 test(either test c or sust, mon/thurs 250mg each)
    Wks 1-6 dbol (30mg ed)
    wks 7-12 winny(50mg eod)
    Wks 15-17 clomid(300/100/50)

    i'm currently having a problem sourcing for test c, so im reluctantly but seriously considering sust. i know that i should be injecting e3d for this matter but my budget won't allow this UNLESS i sacrifice winny which i would be reluctant to do so.

    i'm preparing for a juniors comp which would be held end april next year, competitors would be tested at random, so i'ld be taking a chance here running a 12 weeks cycle, stopping 11 weeks before the comp.

    what do you guys think?
    any input would be appreciated.
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    If you might be tested go with Test prop, if you can. 75mgs ed should be good.
    Also I'd cut the d-bol down to 5 weeks and run it at 35mgs ed. Also I'd take winny 50mgs ed and just cut the weeks down.

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    def go with the cyp...winnie should be ed..not eod

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    this thread's not getting much attention i see
    anyway, thanks MB & DD for your thoughtful input, i see the point on the dbol of 5 weeks and the ed winny and i think i'll do just that. the only tests that MIGHT be available to me are sust n cyp, that sucks but i gotta live with it. i'll most prob be left with only sust as an alternative so no choice.

    i concur regarding using winny ed but if thats the case i might last a day short of 3 weeks and it doesn't seem appropiate that manner. im not getting stuffs cheap over here hence my budget won't allow me to get another bottle of winny for this matter.(No im NOT complaining, just elaborating the rationale for not running an additional bottle)

    Wks 1-12: Test 500mg/week(either sust or cyp)
    Wks 1-5: Dbol 35mg ED
    Wks 9-12: Winny 50mg ED
    Wks 15-17: Clomid(300/100/50)

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