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Thread: Sex Drive

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    Sex Drive

    My last cycle, 500 mg Test and 400 mg Deca , ended back in the first week of March 2003. I used Nolvadex for 3 weeks after the cycle (had no clomid). My sex drive while on (Test & Deca) was up and down but mostly pretty good. It was the same after the end of the cycle until recently. My sex drive is WAY down and it is hard to get an errection and when I do, maintaining one is even harder. Can it still be the Deca (Deca-Dick) in my system or is it in my head? I have been reading lots of stuff on these boards, I wonder if that has something to do with it (to much knowledge in my head now)? I know that I am thinking about it (errection and maintaining it ) all the time, especially leading up to the moment.

    I am about to start a new cycle next Monday as follows:

    30 mg D-Bol Weekly Wks (1 - 4) (3 pills morning, 3 pills evening)
    400 mg Deca (dosed 200 mg every Mon and Thurs) Weekly Wks (1 - 10)
    480 mg Sten (dosed every Wed and Sat) Weekly Wks ( 1-3) (That's All I have)

    500 mg Test (dosed 250 mg every Wed and Sat) Weekly Wks (4 - 15)

    200 - 360 mg Andriol Daily Wks (16-18) (360 mg Wk 16, 240 mg Wk 17, 160 mg Wk 18: pills split up every 8 hours)

    50 mg Proviron Daily Wks (8 - 16)

    500 IU HCG (2 consecutive days a week ) Weeks (6,8,10,12,14,16,18)

    20 mg Nolvadex Daily Wks (20- 22) (also use earlier if gyno symptoms occur)
    Clomid Daily (200 mg 1st dose, 100 mg Week 1, 50 mg last 2 weeks) Wks (20-22)

    200 mg Clen Daily Wks (21-23)

    My question is? Should I start the cycle or should I take some HCG and clomid now to get my sex drive back and not do the cycle for another month or so?


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    I would do PCT again and let your body recover - and run at a normal level for a month or so - before you start on AAS again. Otherwise you are looking at permanent testicular atrophy.

    Use Clomid this time, with Nolva alongside.

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    Get a blood test.

    Also, as you mentioned, there are other possible reasons for this. Sometimes it comes along because of worry about it, performance fears, and even riding a bike for too long.

    The blood test will help a lot, before taking anything else - establish another baseline.

    Just my opinion... Good luck!

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