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    deca200 and equipoise? winny

    I was wondering about a cycle of decanandrolen 200 and equipoise 200.
    What do you think. Also wondering how long winny is good for after the experation date.

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    what cycle # are we talkin here ???

    gonna assume it's # 1 if you're wondering about using deca & eq in the same cycle. also because you typed out all the information on it instead of just stating "deca & eq".

    on to my a # 1 cycle i wouldn't recommend using Deca / EQ combo. stick with a basic test cycle (cypionate or enanthate )

    read this :

    and why don't you tell us a little bit more about yourself ?? age, weight, training experience, any cycles ??

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    What's this thread doing here?


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    Quote Originally Posted by motoxxxguy
    What's this thread doing here?

    ..... ....

    He was just lookin' for an update I guess?

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