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    what steroids would make a baseball player throw harder and hit for power

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    practice. Because you have hit on a couple chicks, doesn't mean you are a ladies man. get what i'm saying bro?

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    seriously. there is no one steroid that's specifically designed to head straight for your rotator cuff and make you throw 105. or head straight to your core (abs, etc.) and make you turn on an inside fastball like Bonds himself.

    anything extra you add to your body is going to give you strength if you train the right way.

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    Steriods are not the "be all and end all", but a tool used in combination with other tools (proper training, diet, dedication, PCT, etc.). With the right tools, you can build a huge, strong house. If you rely on only one tool for'll have a shitty house.

    Spend some time on the board, read, read, read. You'll learn. Find a source, think up a cycle and post it. People will give you good advice, but you gotta to the leg work first bro.

    Good luck.

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