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    Test E, Win, Prop, T3


    Sorry if my english is not correct because I am from Denmark....
    I'm looking for some respons on this I have planed to do in marts.

    Day 1-56 500 mg. test enhate
    Day 56 - 84 100 mg. Virormone EOD og 50 mg. Winstrol depot EOD
    Day 49 - 84 T3 25, 50, 75, 100, 75, 62 1/2, 50, 37 1/2, 25, 12 1/2, 6,25 mcg.
    Day 84 Clomid therapy.
    And I got Nolvadex in case of Gyno

    I start T3 whit 25 mcg. then i increase whit 25 mcg per 3 day. And when I come to 100 mcg, then smaller and smaller mcg. As you can se above. I do T3 for 5 weeks.
    Then I was wondering if it is nesesary to take both, winstrol depot and Testosteron Propiante at the same time, or only one( win or prop) is nesesary?
    I hope you understand my spelling... If only steorid is nesesary when i am cutting onT3, then i will stack the rest wiht Test E in the first 8 weeks.

    Hope for some good answers

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    Week 1-10 Test E 500mgs per week
    Week 11-15 Winny 50mgs ed
    Week 11 -15 Test Prop 75mgs ed
    T-3 starting week 10-15 but I'd start dieting in week 8.C
    Clen 2 weeks on 2 off during the whole cycle, and if you have the extra $ then use Liquidex throughout this cycle.
    And yes I think it's nessary to run test prop along w/ the winny while your dieting...It'll preserve your muscle.
    There's a good thread on T-3 and the dosage's in the edu see that for the spaceing...

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    Thanks for the reply... I think I'll do that....
    Just wondering do you now how much liquidex cost? You use liquidex to prevent Gyno, right?

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