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Thread: Higher Doses

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    Higher Doses

    Are high doses of AS worth it? Do they make that much of a differents..I have only done what I consider low doses..I'm on my third cycle..500mg Test E and 300mg of Deca ...Will high doses get me bigger gains or just more side affects...

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    I have heard of pros taking huge amounts of test a week, around the range of 1000mgs a wk! I would never risk all the side effects that might come with such a large dosage. I also don't have the cash to run a cycle with that much test either. I'll try and find the link about large dosage cycles and post it, good info.

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    Try it and see. Are you still growing at lower doses?

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    If you are growing on low to moderate doses (for example 250mg-400mg of a long lasting testosterone ester per week), then why increase your dose? If you get the traditional 10-25lbs of weight gain using low to moderate doses, using high doses is not going to get you to gain more weight. Doses above what you need to grow reasonably well only will increase the probability of side effects.

    If you focus on the synergy of diet, rest, exercise and cycling, you'd probably find that adjusting your diet before anything else would be the most beneficial step in increasing your gains during a cycle, as opposed to increasing dose.

    I hear people saying that they have their diet in perfect condition, but when they are asked the exact amount of calories, fats, etc. they consume each day, they usually don't know. So, how's your diet??

    If you're looking for a quick fix, raise your doses and pray for the best. If you're looking to grow, then do this:
    (1) Find the lowest dose to which your body responds well.
    (2) Continue to use that dose level until your body stops growing.
    (3) Adjust your diet, exercise routine and rest schedule until you start growing again.
    (4) After you hit a true plateau for a second time, consider adjusting your dose and starting over again.

    Again: If you're already using low to moderate doses, then you'd get far more out of perfecting your diet than adding more steroids to a cycle.
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    I say stay at the same levels, but extend out the cycle. For example, if your cycles are usually 10 weeks, I'd say run it for 15.

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