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    25 or 50mgs of Provirion?

    Whats up boys and girls?, Got a qestion for all of you. My next cycle is ready to go, I have all my gear and I'm all set. My Q is this, should I run the provirion at 25 or 50 mgs per day?. I will be running Test enth at 500mgs for 12 weeks and Deca at 400mgs for 10. I can get more of anything at the drop of a hat, so availibity and cost are not a concern. Please tell me what you think and tell me of any experiences that you think are relevant. Pheedno if your out there please chime in. Thanks in advance.

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    50mg prov, 10mg nolva and plenty on hand.

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    def. 50mg of proviron everday and 10 of nolva, if you sitll show signs of gyno, up the dose of nolva to 40-50mg a day until it goes away

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