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    Evergreen Labs Tren

    Anybody ever heard of this name brand? I searched yahoo and couldn't find anything about them. My source has it and my buddy wants to try some tren but I didn't want him to get some ****ty stuff. Thanks bros.

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    Never heard of it, probably someone's homebrew gear. Not necessarily a bad thing, but not the best either. Be careful bro.


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    I've heard of it. A US ** remailer has it on his list, haven't used it but have heard of it.

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    why not eliminate the risk and tell your friend to make his own...very simple and you know what you're putting into your body.

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    Gotta be a underground lab... Never heard of them though... Guess it all depends on price and if it's a quality product... Alot of underground labs are very good quality... some are not... Can't say much about evergreen labs cus I've never heard of them...

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